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Who am I

LindaMy name is Linda Wormhoudt, born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Shamanism, pre-Christian spirituality in Northwestern-Europe and especially the pre-Christian rites surrounding death and dying are my main fields of interest. I also develop new rituals, suitable for this modern time. My spiritual/shamanic teacher was Daan van Kampenhout, who learned me a lot about respect and the beauty of prayers. I was his assistant for five years. Since eight years I give seminars, shamanistic workshops, and individual counselling.  I write books, articles and short stories about several subjects.

Sacred grounds

Currently I’m researching  sacred places and ritual customs in Scandinavia and the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands:

  • Burial mounds (artificial hills of earth and stones built over the remains of the dead. In England the equivalent term is barrow, in Scotland, cairn, and in Europe and elsewhere, tumulus).
  • Traces of ancient sacred grounds, wells, burial rites.

In Norway:

  • Sacred stones (Seites, seita) and places of the Sami first nation, especially in the North Cape area.
  • Rock carvings (Hellingristinger).
  • Burial sites.
  • Burial mounds.








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